If You Give a Squid a Squeegee


If you give a squid a squeegee
he’ll wipe the windows of your submarine
while you’re stopped at a traffic signal.

If a squid wipes your windows
he will expect a tip.

If you give a squid a tip
he’ll need a pocket to put it in.

If you give a squid pants
he’ll want a hole for his tentacles.

If you give a squid your scissors
he’ll want to cut paper snowflakes.

You’ll have to explain
that sewing scissors
shouldn’t be used for paper
even after it’s gotten soggy.

If you give a squid an explanation
he’ll want to write it down.
He has the ink already
but no pen.

If you give a squid a pen
he’ll want paper to write on

…which will get soggy
and sludge your windows.

And chances are
if he sludges your windows
he’ll want a squeegee
to wipe it off.

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