D.H. Rumsfeld calls the Poetry Crisis Line

ROSIE (COUNSELOR): Poetry Crisis Line, what is your emergency?

D.H. RUMSFELD (CALLER): As we know,  / There are known knowns.

ROSIE:  I see.

D.H. RUMSFELD: There are things we know we know.

ROSIE: But can we truly know anything?

D.H. RUMSFELD: We also know / There are known unknowns.

ROSIE: You’re tripping me out, man.

D.H. RUMSFELD: That is to say / We know there are some things / We do not know.

ROSIE: I know!

D.H. RUMSFELD: But there are also unknown unknowns,

ROSIE: Wow, that’s deep.

D.H. RUMSFELD: The ones we don’t know

ROSIE: Like the sound of one hand clapping.

D.H. RUMSFELD: We don’t know.

ROSIE: Namaste, my brother. Namaste.

KIM (COWORKER): Who was that?

ROSIE: I don’t know. Some hippie.

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