The Second Calling by William Butler Yeats

COUNSELOR: Poetry Crisis Line, what is your emergency?

CALLER:  Turning and turning

COUNSELOR: Have you tried switching off the dryer?

CALLER: In the widening gyre

COUNSELOR: No, I said the dryer. Can you hear me OK?

CALLER: The falcon cannot hear the falconer.

COUNSELOR: I get a code name? How exciting!

CALLER: Things fall apart.

COUNSELOR: What things?  Or is this more code? You can’t hear me because I’m breaking up?

CALLER:  The centre cannot hold.

COUNSELOR: I see. What sort of center did you escape from, exactly?

CALLER: Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

COUNSELOR: It certainly sounds like it. Would you consider going back to that center and checking yourself in again?

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