Ursula K. Le Guin calls the Poetry Crisis Line

COUNSELOR: Poetry Crisis Line, what is your emergency?

CALLER: Why is it I want to cry?

COUNSELOR: I don’t know. Why do you think it is?


COUNSELOR: What, like the bird?

CALLER: crow,

COUNSELOR: Or the verb? When you say cry, do you mean you want to cry out? To crow about something?

CALLER: tell me.

COUNSELOR: I think you need to seek that answer for yourself.

CALLER: There is a shadow passing by.

COUNSELOR: It’s OK if you want to wait for it to pass. Or you can go into the shadow and look for the answer. However you’d like.

CALLER: The willows call me.

COUNSELOR: Are they on the other line? Do you need to get that?

CALLER: Why would an old woman weep?

COUNSELOR: There are many reasons. What’s yours?

CALLER: Willow,

COUNSELOR: The ones on call waiting?

CALLER: tell me, willow.

COUNSELOR: No, ma’am, this is still the Poetry Crisis Line. The willows are on the other line.

CALLER: Crows went flying through my sleep.

COUNSELOR: That sounds distracting. Did they land in the willows?

CALLER: I cry and follow

COUNSELOR: I’m sorry. I’m afraid I really don’t follow.

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