How Many Roads? (part 3 of 3)

How many roads must a man walk down
If a man must walk down roads?
Yes, and how much wood could a woodchuck chuck
And the building still meet code?
And how much load can the bear beams bear
Before they just implode?

The flanges are bent, not going to the rim.
The flanges are going in the bin.

Yes, and how many chickens must cross those roads
Just to get to the other side?
And does it depend on the length of the road?
Or is it about how wide?
Yes, and how many chickens, woodchucks, and men
Are on the road to St. Ives?

The dancers I sent are going to the gym,
The dancers are going to the gym.

Yes, and who put the >bop< in the bopshewaddawop
The ram in the rama lama ding?
If you met that man would you like to shake his hand?
Did he help you to feel love’s keen sting?
Yes, and who spilled the soup on the califragilist?
Hid the bod in the bada-bada-bing?

Grandma’s hands waved in church nearly every Sunday morn’,
Grandma’s hands, hey! They missed her tambourine, man!

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