Jorge Luis Borges calls the Poetry Crisis Line

From “Fragments of an Apocryphal Evangelist

Happy 121st birthday to Jorge Luis Borges!


COUNSELOR: Poetry Crisis Line, what is your emergency?

CALLER: The door does the choosing,

COUNSELOR: What are you afraid it might choose?

CALLER: not the man.

COUNSELOR: I see. And what is it about the man that appeals to you?

CALLER:  Blessed are the poor without bitterness and the rich without pride.

COUNSELOR: They sound like quite the power couple.

CALLER:  Happy are the beloved

COUNSELOR: So you think you’ll still connect with him anyway? Despite the door?

CALLER: happy are the lovers,

COUNSELOR: I like your attitude.

CALLER: and happy those who can do without love.

COUNSELOR: I see you’ve planned for all contingencies.

CALLER: Happy are the happy.

COUNSELOR: I can’t argue with that.


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